Our Story

'Target Practice' by ArtC, 2014, Taronga Wild Rhinos

'Target Practice' by ArtC, 2014, Taronga Wild Rhinos


Our story…

Catie Sully, Regula Wettstein-Graf and Tracy Stirzaker are excited to launch White Rhino Artspace, in the TWT Creative Precinct, St Leonards.  Having known each other for many years the friends, artists and curators have teamed together to facilitate a forum for creative artistic exchange.  Together we are opening a multifunctional artspace with a focus on women creatives and emerging artists in the North Shore.

Let’s introduce the White Rhino team

Catie Sully is a mixed media metal sculptor, with a particular focus on copper and other forms of metal.  Catie has exhibited in a number of shows and exhibitions in Sydney and Southern Highlands.  

Regula Wettstein is a graduate of UNSW Art & Design and has recently completed her Masters in Curating.  Regula has developed a fascination for the arts and cultural involvement. 

Tracy Stirzaker is a contemporary artist working across textiles and painting.  Tracy is inspired by her lived experience; her current art practice explores self - worth and mental health in the everyday.  Tracy majored in painting and textiles at UNSW Art & Design.

Our first big joint collaboration was with the Taronga Wild Rhinos project. Together we mosaiced a life size rhinoceros, with thousands of mosaic tiles, to create overlapping bullseye targets to symbolize the hunting and extinction of this endangered species. Our Rhino ‘Target Practice’ was exhibited in the Royal Botanical Gardens in 2014 and raised awareness and much needed funds at auction for the conservation of rhinoceros in the wild.  The success of this group project was the jumping off point for the name for our new art space - White Rhino Artspace. The colour “white” represents a clean slate, a blank canvas, and new beginnings.  “Artspace” reflects our multi-functional space, it is intended to build a community of like-minded creatives and support artists from the novice to the professional.

For a number of years Catie, Regula and Tracy have met weekly working on their individual artistic projects, sharing creative ideas, skills and knowledge.  This practice of regular “makers meetings” is the model for the White Rhino Artspace - a place we can share our experience and support the artistic community.  We are ourselves emerging contemporary artists and curators with a lifelong passion for the arts.  We are keen to foster and launch contemporary and emerging artists onto the North Shore art scene with access to affordable and timely exhibition space and creative opportunities.

Proudly supported by TWT Developers, Bridging Hope Charity, Brand X and UNSW to empower women to create, exhibit and connect at White Rhino Artspace.